Restaurant El Passatge del Murmuri

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledit was nice to sit on the terrace in the evening, sip some fino (ok, it was just Tio Pepe but still really decent), and slurp some really fat and juicy fresh oysters. The razor clams and fresh cod fish (which was suppose to be en papillote) were nothing too exciting unfortunately but the ambience more than made up for it.

cerveceria catalana

one of the more mainstream (read: popular) tapas bars within walking distance from the hotel. There was a huge crowd when AAK and I got there, and we were told there will be some 30min wait for a table. Well, we ditched the table in the end and sat at the bar counter with some beer to quench our thirst. Food was decent, nicely executed without the disturbing liberal use of salt, and the wait staff were friendly and helpful too.

cholesterol overdose

Villa Mas Gironagrilled calamarithe raw stuffCeller Escoda-Sanahuja Conca de Barberà Els Bassots 2007pan con tomatesolivestrilogy of gambasCeller Escoda-Sanahuja Conca de Barberà Les Paradetes 2010wild strawberriesspanish rice with prawns
but the gambas were heavenly. I personally prefer the raw and slightly cooked version of the trilogy but they were all done very well. The calamari was a little chewy but the baked rice (cooked with prawn bisque I think), the olives, pan con tomate and wild strawberries more than made up for it. I am glad I had the opportunity to try two natural wines from Spain which had very little sulphur. The white Els Bassots was delicious and I could have mistaken it for a french Chenin blanc had I not known what it was; the grenache blend of Les Paradetes, unfortunately, was not as good and I found it a little green with strong notes of pickled jalapeno chillies. Anyway, I am happy I didn’t succumb to ordering wines from the Bourgogne section, maybe next round with a bigger crowd? I am pretty sure they won’t let me order anything from a lesser pedigree. I love this restaurant too, and I love their professional and humble wait staff who do their jobs with pride.