Tiara for lunch

goat's cheese saladTiara 2010 NiepoortempadasThis bottle of Tiara is expensive by local Portuguese standards, as far as table wine is concerned. At almost EUR22 a pop in a cafe, I was actually expecting a little bit more. Bright pale yellow with a greenish tinge; fresh, green starfruit, lime peel and grassy; tart lemon, citrus, sour cream, a little vanilla; a tinge of phenolic tones in its aftertaste; medium to medium-plus acid; medium finish. What I did notice is that with the right temperature, and a little help from aeration in the glass, aromas of white flowers, fresh nectarines and fresh (not-so-ripe) peaches began to emerge gradually and the wine also gained a little more weight and intensity. The goat’s cheese salad was nothing to shout about but paired well with the vinho. I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of those cute little pies called Empadas to supplement my somewhat healthy lunch too.