the old vines in Douro

UntitledUntitledare absolutely a pleasure to visit and I’m amazed at how resilient and fruitful they still are. It’s exciting to see that the new generation of winemakers and viticulturists are still trying to preserve their national heritage and not ripping these indigenous vines out unnecessarily. The top pic is probably a Rabigato (white variety) and the bottom pic should be a Touriga Nacional (red variety).


the forsaken tendrilstendrils originated from primordium or anlage, which could also branch into inflorescence (flower clusters that turn into grapes later) or shoots on a grapevine cane. They tend to have limited branching or cell differentiation but love swirling and hooking unto other objects for support before turning woody and hardy, leaving a somewhat prominent display of the season’s past on the foliage wires (once the vines are pruned), before the eventual new growth in spring overwhelms them.