shoots in spring

New Shoots on Chardonnay

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Such a joy to see budbreak and new shoots sprouting from the count-nodes after all the pruning in late winter.

Pruning Some Severely Distorted Vines

Pruned and Un-pruned VinesFinally finished pruning my row of Mendoza Chardonnay (on their own roots) after a couple of hours this morning. The vines look neat and clean now without all the entangled mess. Whether they fit into Richard Smart’s Golden Rules or not, that’s another story. After years of abuse by various generations of Lincoln students, they are actually holding pretty well. Here’s a picture of the previous row of Pinot Noir (AM 10/5, also on its own roots) which fruit I harvested. Those canes just don’t like to be upright!Unpruned AM10:5 Pinot Noir